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Specialising in vaccinology, Sun Biotech is dedicated to advancing public health through the constant development of innovative biotechnology.

Our primary business operation involves Research and Development, Technology License in and out, Product Registration including clinical trial management, as well as Supply and Distribution of Vaccines.

We have established strong local and international collaborations with major reputable partners and governmental organisations for our product distributions in different parts of the world. Synergistic partnerships with our extensive network enabled us to supply our vaccines in many countries for their national immunisation programmes and private markets.
Innovations in vaccines

How we make a difference

Strong collaborations with regional governments such as CDCs and NIHs
High market share achieved by magnificent marketing and distribution channels
Extensive International Network
Efficient and Professional Teams
vaccine research and development

Research & Development

Our outstanding R&D team has been diligently developing new vaccines for the protection of our future population. With their unwavering efforts, we are in the progress of achieving various milestone development stages.
Rotavirus vaccine vaccine supply

Our Products

Our products are current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified and are safe for children use.

Combination Vaccines
Combination vaccine provides protection from multiple diseases and hence, requiring fewer shots.
Bacterial Vaccines
Bacterial vaccine provides protection against diseases caused by bacteria.
Viral Vaccines
Viral vaccine provides protection against diseases caused by viruses.
Pharmaceuticals & Biosimilars
Drugs for various indications are available, ranging from Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Circulatory, Gastrointestinal, Anti-infectives, Neurology, Respiratory, Urinary, Analgesics, Oncology, Dermatology to Digestive, Health Supplements, Cold relief and Others. In addition, biosimilars can also be supplied.
Therapeutics for treatment of other diseases.

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